our beloved monsters, enjoy yourselves
Пускай будет адресным.

Let’s follow this road where ever it may lead us
and hold onto the days we lived, and will live, through.
Let’s walk forward while being questioned by our other selves
within our hearts.

I wanted to be like someone else,
but there’s no way I can be someone else…
aa, if I feel this inferiority complex
the other me in my heart will teach me how.

I can’t stay
being myself.
I’m sure everyone else is worrying about the same thing.
Whining and complaining,
that’s how we all spend the days.

We’re used to getting hurt, so we know
that we cannot live with just kindness…
But we want to stay as our own selves
and we always keep walking.

We want a strength we can rely on
and seek to be approved by someone… aa, we search for approval.
We’re on a journey with no map,
so let’s not be impatient and walk while blowing our whistles.

There are things we have gained, but you know,
we have lots many more things…
We continue to be lost and don’t know what to do,
but even so, we continue to wish
for our future selves.

We can’t properly voice our feelings,
no matter what we do, we become sad and stop saying anything.
But we want to stay as our own selves
and keep walking at any rate.

We keep feeling much pain, frustration,
and continue walking forward.
Clumsily one step at a time…

We’re used to getting hurt, so we know
that wanting to be loved is something we can’t do anything about.
If we don’t have the courage to accept it,
let’s reach out our hands with no hesitation.
We won’t keep living with just kindness,
that’s why we wish to stay as our own selves.
Counting our hopes, counting our futures,
that’s how we walk forward.
We walk into a new tomorrow.

@темы: Ghost of a rose, Music, et cetera, relative perspective of reality